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Toya [userpic]


June 30th, 2010 (01:58 am)

I know I might get flamed for this..But I'm just going to be honest, and because this is MY journal, I can do that..

I never was, the biggest Miyavi fan. But I will gladly say, that-that was one of the best concerts I've been to in Long...Long time. I was very pleased, and moved the whole time. He might not have been a favorite of mine on my MP3 player, but I would see him live again..anytime.

Entertainer of the year? Uhhhh doy! Best English Evar? Hellz to da yeah!! I could not believe how good his english was! O_O Buuuuuut isn't his wife from the US or somethin like that? xD

Anyways, I'm really glad I went...But What the hell kind of dancing was he doing!? He was totally doing the mashed potato at one point..and then the Moon walk?!

AND THE STRIPPER SPLIT? WTF!? that floor was lucky as shit xDD

Then he stripped his keyboardest, throwing the shirt in the crowd, and said to the girls on the front "No fighting!! No fighting!!" xD WRONG PLACE TO SAY THAT PAL!! Lolol!!

Wonderful...absolutely wonderful concert <3

Toya [userpic]

Damn applesauce!!

June 19th, 2010 (10:59 am)

Last night I was so mad with Applesauce (Abishai..it's my nick name for him) I didn't know what in the world to do with myself!!

So Sito is doing a Kisuke cosplay for Otakon (From the game Muramasa: http://www.creativeuncut.com/gallery-10/art/mdb-kisuke.jpg ) And as a surprise, a surprise that sito didn't know about, I was going to do Momohime (From the same game, only she's the female ninja: http://media.giantbomb.com/uploads/0/238/945179-momohime_large.jpg)

Now..I explained to Applesauce when he came over to help me set up my sewing Machine a few weeks ago that it was a secret..

...So why..Lastnight..in front of Sito..did he just ask "Oh! How is your Momohime Cosplay going!? =D *cheesy grin*"

......-head table-...

We played laser tag soon after. I unleashed my fury there..

Toya [userpic]

(no subject)

June 17th, 2010 (05:43 pm)

Job hunting is on a bit of a slow down due to my car still being in the shop..v_v

and now Sito is working for the gov, so we don't get to see each other as much.. I knew it was gonna happen, but I miss making fun of him xD..

So now i've just been working on my cosplay's and reading during my time off. I'll have to post progress pictures or something o.o..but I usually save all the pictures for Facebook. Is that a bad thing? o.o;;

Toya [userpic]


June 7th, 2010 (09:59 pm)

My car has been in the shop for nearly two weeks..and it's gonna cost $2000 to get it out..

What in all hell am I gonna do? x_X I don't have that kinda money just laying around..I don't think I know anyone that does..

Sito (Edwin) Graduated last Saturday ^_^ I'm so proud of him! The ceremony took place at the Masonic Memorial in Alexandria and we went to TGIFridays to celebrate. His friend Stephenie came up (she's very awesome by the way) and we then went to the park for the rest of the evening. Good times good times..Videos are on the facebook of that.

Anyways, as far as the job thing goes, I'm going to give Sito's mom my resume to pass around at her job..perhaps I can land something there that pays a bit more than what I'm gettin now. -shrug- who knows!

Miyavi is taking forever to get here..but when it comes, I'm ready!! <3

Toya [userpic]

Another update!

June 1st, 2010 (08:11 pm)

current mood: sore

I'm so glad that Sito got a job and will be making more money, and it drove me to start pushing for another job. I've been working on a resume for an Administrative assistant and so far so good. All the best experience I have comes from my six months of working in the Vault at Home Depot, but CSM also offeres a certification progran for entry level Admin. Assistants. I'm really thinking of taking the courses this fall to get the certificate and then graduate by Spring. Hopefully that will up my chances at getting a Government job and then pay me more than I'm getting paid now.

However my car Fails again..turns out that I need a new water pump and dad took it upon himself to take the car to Myers rather than pep boys. Yeah..Myers is going to charge me 1450...while pep boys would've charged me 550..You do the math.. =_=;; I was pissed..

Anyways..things are getting a bit smoother now that mom is working and dad has some help. I've managed to convince him that I'm no longer paying rent. If He's going to be moving out by September, I need to start saving what little money I can now. Dad argued for a bit, but once I explained, he claimed he understood and dropped the subject. But if he needs a few dollars here or there..I'll help out..Just as long as a few dollars doesn't exceed one hundred..which..I have a feeling will be hard to do..

I spent Memorial Day weekend with Sito and his family camping in Solomons! It was tons of fun, but the air mattress gave me a horrible stiff neck to one side and it's driving me crazy! God I swear I've never felt anything so painful..and the worst part is I've been putting a hot cloth on it and I'm supposed to be using Ice.. *eye roll* Thanks alot Sito xD

I can't wait for Miyavi and Otakon..They need to happen fast..My inner nerd is dying to get out X_x

Toya [userpic]

Over between us

January 18th, 2010 (01:07 pm)

I loved her I really did, but it's over now and I'm okay with it..

She couldn't accept alot of things about me, and I tried to give her time to understand but she couldn't.

I just couldn't handle anyone telling me things that were un-acceptable about me, and then turn around and get a tattoo with my name on their arm..

It just doesn't make sense to me. If someone told you "You are too young for me, you make other people take care of you, and I don't fit in with your life" would you expect them to get a tattoo with your name on it?! Yeah..exactly I didn't think so either..

Just back and forth between feelings..she didn't know what to do so..I was done.

She just couldn't love me fully.

Moving on. I just got back from Alaska!! :D Had the best time and really enjoyed myself!! Anyone wanna hang sometime soon?

Toya [userpic]

Hurray for internet

November 9th, 2009 (03:05 pm)

Oh I am overjoyed to let everyone know that I now have the internet! :D

It's so wonderful to be able to type from the comfort of my own room..

Life is moving at a steady pace. The end of the semester draws near which means toya will be studying for finals and preparing to sign up for classes again in the spring. Umm..yeah..annd that's about it. Hurray for graduating in the spring! Woot!! <3

Oh and I also chopped off all my hair. xD Nuuuu it was so long and luxurious!

Toya [userpic]

I really need to learn how to post video's..

October 4th, 2009 (04:29 pm)

because I most absolutely went to the zoo yesterday and have an up close video of the arangatang (sp?) eating it's poop..right in front of the glass..just...showing off to everyone.. xDDDD

I couldn't even laugh..i was so grossed out but like...just astounded that the ape was doing it..for the attention..

ANYWAYS!! Went to the zoo yesterday (with caitlyn) and 'twas very fun! We got Domo slurpee cups from 7-11 right outside the zoo and they have straws with little Domo figures on them!! I highly reccomend you guys grab one before they stop selling them!! Which reminds me..why is Domo so popular now all of a sudden? Like, what did he do to get so popular? Was there something I missed? Like..a TV show debut here or something? (I don't have decent cable x_X)

Oh and on another note, Rosetta stone is way too over priced. I borrowed it from a friend at school and I don't think it should retail the way it does. There are only four-five lessons on the first Level and they are about 30-45 minutes long each..but I guess that varies on your experience :D

I enjoy the kanji usage though..helps me out a bunch xD So yeah I recommend you BORROW than purchase! Unless you have $500 just laying around to spend on some language software!! <3

Toya [userpic]

Why don't I update too?

September 23rd, 2009 (12:32 pm)

God I have been a busy lady! School started up again and I'm taking an Interior design class, and Western Civilization. Both are interesting and informative, but I enjoy the Design class most! Our final project is to design a room and our teacher will give us a budget and the dimensions when the time comes. But I started planning early :D It's actually more like putting together a design portfolio with samples and sketches than an actual project, but it's still pretty fun. I had a recent homework assignment that involved searching 22 companies online that specialize in furniture, architecture, and renovations for homes. You think you like IKEA? You should check this spot out: www.dwr.com/home.do There's actually a DWR in Bethesda so I'm thinking about taking a little trip out there to look around. :D

Caitlyn and I went clubbing for the first time together last Friday to the UltraBar in DC. It was fun until some guy kept following us around trying to dance with me when it was VERY OBVIOUS who I was dancing with.. =_=;; men just don't care..I think that's the last time we go to a straight club! xD

Life at home is still the same. Mom still isn't working but she's watching the kids maybe four days a week, and dad is never home. Ame (little kitty :3) keeps me company and wakes me up in the most random ways. This morning she tried cleaning my eyebrow x_X;; THAT felt weird xD Lol! Oh and work at the Home Depot is about to get a little challenging. New positions are opening up, and they are getting rid of the night shift, so now there will be more aprons on the floor. Blah blah..

So until something a tad bit more interesting happens..see you later!

Toya [userpic]

Where oh where did toya go?

July 12th, 2009 (02:36 pm)

She went absolutely no where... :D I'm still alive!

I've been Hella busy the past few months! (That's always my excuse isn't it?) But it's the truth..

So at long last, I have a car! I managed to win it for $99 dollars and was pretty fuckin happy about it. The Ford dealership across the street was having a serious car sale, and I decided to stay all night for the event. Well it paid off ^_^ I drove off the lot with a car for $99! (Well with tags and title it cost me $475, but you still can't get any better than that.) It's a 2000 Chrysler Cirrus, and had about 70,000 miles on it. Very nice automatic with comfy interior and wonderful CD player. Toya = Very happy! But I still have the miata so don't get worried about cute little red coke can car. I'm planning on fixing it up, and if I don't sell it, I'll have a nice summer car! Yay!

Next I got a promotion at Home Depot, so I'm no longer working on the front end. Instead I'm working in my own office in Book Keeping in the back of the store! Everyone makes little remarks about how I'm caged up, and it's partially true. ^_^ But once I started getting comfortable with counting the money, I'm finished with 4-5 hours left on my shift which means I have shit to do. SOoOoO that's why I had time for the update hehe! No Aim allowed though...or facebook...or..games.. *grumbles* Just certain sites that goes under the radar such as this one!

Catilyn and I are still together, finally at 1 year and nearly three months strong. :D It's been fun! But we are preparing ourselves for the fall semester again which means we are easily stressing each other out and whiney... xD But I love her..

Otakon is next week and I'M SO FREAKING HAPPY!! It will feel so good to run around with my Japan obsessed friends again and goof off in costumes ^_^ Oh the joys of anime conventions! *giddy dance*

My family is doing fine, but I lost my Grandmother back in June. But honestly I'm relieved it's all over. She had been suffering with stomach cancer for the past year so she's in a better place, and my father is such a strong man. He was there holding her hand when she took her last breath. I don't think I would've been able to hold it together.. But all is well except for the inner family drama between him and his siblings. My aunt Geraldine is stirring up all these issues because she's been sneaky..but I won't get into too much detail with that..I'll leave it on the note that no one wants to deal with her anymore..that psychotic bitch.. >_<

SO I'm looking forward to Dani's return home as well!! I've missed her so much OMG!! I just want to throw a big party for her and glue myself to her face so we can talk :3 But I don't think she will enjoy that so much..maybe if I glued Dwight to her face and just...talked at the same time..? Er..yeah..gonna leave that alone..ANYWAY I miss her and can't wait to welcome her home!!

Well I hope to update again soon!! <33

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